50/50 Dutch-Indonesian girl, based in The Netherlands.


I like to call myself an artist & maker.

I'm mostly seen in

paint splashed 

 clothes in my studio together

with my pug Jopie.

​Why the name EV LINCHE ?!

My real name is Eveline, it's a Dutch name and when pronounced right it rhymes to trampoline... However, most of my friends call me; Evelientje,...probably because i'm so cute and sweet

One time I saw my Australian BFF Millie typing my name as: "Ev Linche" in her phone thinking she spelled it right. Friends thought it was funny, so they kept using it.. I can't even remember when this was but in a while they all called me by it, it stuck by me. And so it became my artist name...


Long story short... 

Eveline -> Evelientje -> Ev Linche

Ev Linche = Phonetic English for Evelientje


This says: Ev Linche 






     written in a very, véry cool & funky way